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Axtec Network

Axtec is a future-forward network built for scalability, decentralization, and sustainable growth

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Why choose Axtec

Best Security

The Move language allows developers to better protect their software from malicious entities.

Easy to Use

Axtec data model enables flexible key management and hybrid custodial options.


Axtec Network leverages a pipelined and modular approach for the key stages of transaction processing to achieve high throughput and low latency

Sky is The Limit

Axtec Network is a decentralised blockchain scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.


Axtec modular architecture design supports client flexibility and optimizes for frequent and instant upgrades.

Web3 for

Moreover, to rapidly deploy new technology innovations and support new web3 use cases, Axtec Network provides embedded on-chain change management protocols.

Built by/for Developer

Unlike other parallel execution engines that break transaction atomicity by requiring upfront knowledge of the data to be read and written, Axtec Network does not put such limitations on developers.

Our Roadmap

Axtec Strategy and
Project Plan

Phase 1

Website Launch

Launch Axtec on Pancakeswap

Litepaper Launch

Axtec Tracker Launch

Build Community

Phase 2

NFT Marketplace

DeFi Social CRM Platform

DeFi App

Phase 3

Public Testnet

Block Explorer for testnet

KYC by StaySafu

Wallet App Mobile

Phase 4

Farming & Staking

Audit by RD Auditors

CG & CMC Listing

CEX Listing


Axtec Tracker

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  • Stay updated with daily crypto news
  • Analyze and track the market
  • Cryptocurrency live charts
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